Your favorite lipstick now can last all day. LIP GEL MAGIC Lipstick coating gel―a beauty breakthrough! Your favorite lipstick now can last all day. LIP GEL MAGIC Lipstick coating gel―a beauty breakthrough!

For a fresh lipstick
look that lasts all day

  • KV
    No more cup
  • KV
    Doesn't come off
    while eating!
  • KV
    Less likely
    to stain



Simply apply over your lipstick
to make its color transfer-proof.

The strongest ever* coating gel


Lipstick Coating Gel

  • Lip Gel Magic lipstick coating gel ensures that the color of your lipstick doesn't
    come off, even while eating, and now features enhanced luster and makeup retention!
  • KOSÉ's newly developed original luster ingredient brings a sheen to your lipstick.
  • Formulated with new super-lasting ingredient EX and color transfer prevention
    compound.Improved effectiveness in maintaining a beautiful color, without lipstick
    transfer or staining.
  • Fragrance and color free
  • Two types: Clear and Sparkling Pearl
  • Approx. 60 uses from each tube

※*Among KOSÉ products

Choose from 2 types
of lip finishes!

Clear Type
Pearl Type

The sceret to keeping lipstick on your lips


1.Fixes lipstick color to your lips

The super-lasting ingredient EX (fluorine coating powder) transfers instantly to your lipstick.
Repels moisture and oils to prevent color transfer, ensuring a long-lasting luster and vibrant color.

2.Fluorine coating preserves color

A color transfer prevention ingredient (fluorine-based oil solution) completely coats your lipstick, repelling moisture and oils.
It creates a gel layer, making the lipstick resistant to removal. This prevents secondary adhesion, so the lipstick color does not get transferred.


*Color transfer prevention ingredient *Super-lasting ingredient EX (for long-lasting color) *Luster ingredient
*Moisturizing ingredients [hyaluronic acid, squalane]

All Ingredients

Trifluoropropyl Cyclopentasiloxane, Trifluoropropyl Cyclotetrasiloxane, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Trifluoropropyl Dimethicone/Trifluoropropyl Divinyldimethicone Crosspolymer, Sodium Hyaluronate, Ethanol, Squalane

*Perfluorohexylethyl Triethoxysilane, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Tin Oxide, Titanium Oxide (*Pearl type only)

The color transfer prevention ingredient contains Trifluoropropyl Cyclotetrasiloxane and Trifluoropropyl Cyclopentasiloxane; super-lasting ingredient EX contains Silica Dimethyl Silylate; and the luster ingredient is a Trifluoropropyl Dimethicone/Trifluoropropyl Divinyldimethicone Crosspolymer.

Precautions for Use

・Note that the coating may smudge or slip if you rub your lips together or touch the gel.
・May not be effective with liquid-based or soft stick-based rouge.
・To remove, use a cleanser or specialized makeup remover.
・The lipstick color and feel may change due to the product characteristics.


Simply apply over your regular lipstick

- Avoid touching the gel
for a short time after applying.
- For best results, use with regular lipsticks.
Not recommended for use with liquid-based products.

  • KV

    The gel base and transparent fluid may
    separate in the tube.
    For the best effect,
    shake well before each use.

    -The tube contains a small amount
    of air to help mix the contents.

  • KV

    Squeeze a tiny dab onto your fingertip.
    Please take care not
    to squeeze out too much product.
    Each tube provides approximately
    60 times of usage.

    • × If the gel comes out runny,
      then it hasn't been mixed well.

      If all that comes out is a clear liquid,
      then the ingredients
      haven't been mixed well.
      This will not produce the desired effect.

    • ◯ If mixed well,
      it should come out as a thick gel.

      If the base is a milky-white gel,
      then you're doing it right!
      It shouldn't run down your finger.

  • KV

    With your lips apart,
    use your finger to spread a thin, even coat, taking care not to leave any excess gel in the corners of your mouth and inside of your lips.

    • × Refrain from patting,
      rubbing, or rubbing your lips
      together after applying.

      The gel coating could become uneven
      if it mixes with your lipstick--resulting
      in an undesired effect!

    • ◯ Carefully apply it
      over your lipstick.

      As long as you evenly glide
      on a thin coat gently across your lips,
      then you're doing it right!


How to Use Lip Gel Magic

How to get the most out of Lip Gel Magic EX! Beautiful, long-lasting lipstick in 3 easy steps!

Get the most out of Lip Gel Magic EX♪ How-to Video
My girlfriend is a lipstick monster!


210 women tried out the product. The results of the survey were as follows!

Effects of Lip Gel Magic were felt by 91%
  • The lasting power was great, leaving less lipstick on a cup than normal when drinking, and meaning I really didn't have to worry about it when eating. It was great to feel less stressed about my lipstick transferring or coming off. (20s, female)

  • I was surprised that it really didn’t transfer to my cup! I needed to retouch my makeup less times, and I was really impressed at how long it kept hydrated and glossy. It was taste and odor free, so no nasty tastes in my mouth, and I liked it a lot. (50s, female)

  • I was so happy that almost no lipstick came off while I was eating, and almost all the color was left! Almost none came off when wiping my lips with a tissue, either, and I really felt the effects of maintaining my lipstick color. (20s, female)

  • I wear a face mask at work, and my lipstick always came off completely by lunchtime. Since using Lip Gel Magic EX my lipstick is mostly still in place by lunch, meaning I don't have to reapply it at all! (30s, female)

  • My lipstick adhered way better than normal, even after hours! I use a pearl lipstick, and it created a sublime gloss. I always wipe it off with a tissue before meals, but I was glad it didn’t even stick to the tissue! (30s, female)

  • I liked how it can keep even deeper colors intact, and never looks dirty. I also thought it was great how it didn’t transfer onto straws and mugs! (40s, female)


How to Use

  • Why do I have to shake it before use?

    The contents are composed of two layers of ingredients that work when mixed together.

  • I'm worried I'm using too little…
    Should I apply a large amount of it?

    A single dab should be more than effective. Applying too much can result in the coating sticking to your lips, so be sure to spread a moderate amount evenly.

  • Does it work well with lipstick?

    It works well with stick and crayon-type lipsticks. Liquid and gloss-type lipsticks that can cause the coating to become uneven may not produce the desired effect.

  • Can I apply it immediately after applying my lipstick?
    Won't I get lipstick on my finger when applying it?

    Yes, it can be used immediately. It's a coating, so lipstick getting on your finger shouldn't happen frequently.

  • Should I wait for the lipstick to dry a bit?

    You don't need to wait for it to dry to take effect.

The Experience

  • How do{es it smell or taste? Is it sticky or dry?
    Will it give my lipstick a matte texture?


    The base is both odorless and tasteless. It has a smooth texture and doesn't feel overly different from your lipstick.

The Length of Effect

  • How long does the effect last?

    Unless you try to forcefully take it off, the effect will continually last. However, eating, or touching your lips to other surfaces will cause its lasting effect to differ from person to person.

  • Do I need to apply it only once?

    Depending on how it is after you eat, you may want to briefly touch it up with lipstick and Lip Gel Magic after checking its condition with tissue paper. ]

How to Remove It

  • If it's made to not come off,
    does that make it difficult to remove?

    You can easily take it off using regular lipstick removing products.

Other Questions

  • Where is it available for purchase?

    This product is available for purchase at drugstores, major supermarket chains, and other cosmetic vendors throughout Japan.
    To find a nearby vendor, or for any other inquiries, please click below.
    - Stores Carrying Lip Gel Magic -
    Available for purchase at drugstores, major supermarket chains, and other cosmetic vendors throughout Japan.
    ※Not available at all vendors.