It’s now possible to test the clarity of your skin, with KOSÉ’s clarity equation.

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  • *Take the photo indoors in a bright location, such as under fluorescent lights (not incandescent lights).
  • *Always take photos under the same (consistent) conditions. Diagnosis results may vary due to lighting, or changes in the environment in which equipment is used.
  • *Avoid doing the test in dark locations, or locations where the light is too strong and causes over-exposure.
  • *Remove makeup before conducting test.
  • *Perform the test with a neutral expression on your face, as making a facial expression may cause creases.

Operating environment

  • [PC]

    Windows: Chrome v69 or later、Firefox v.63.0 or later、
    Edge v15 or higher
    ※Internet Explorer 11 or lower - not compatible
    Mac: Chrome v69 or later、
    Safari v12.0 or later
  • [Smartphone/tablet]

    iPhone:iOS11 or higher、Safari v11.0 or higher
    Android:OS6.0 or higher、Chrome v60.0 or higher
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The power of new Japanese botanical ITOWA.

The Effects of ITOWA

Our newest ingredient ITOWA is plant-based and a product of Japan. It boosts your skin's barrier function, giving it an even, smooth surface and keeping it trouble-free, healthy and clear.
Alpinia speciosa leaf extract, peony extract, noni juice and glycerin.

Product lineup

Available in two types for different skin types and issues

[ Effective type ]

[ Free type ]

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